Climbing the Levels of Energy scale by Frederick Dodson

Iskandar Kurbanov
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My interpretation and key takeaways from the book

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I’m an avid reader of the personal development book section. I have read everything from Tony Robbins to Ray Dalio to Eckhart Tolle. All great thinkers and writers of our time. Most self-help books fall into a particular category, such as time management, mindset, or spirituality.

The Levels of Energy book by Frederick Dodson focuses on a layer beneath all of those categories. Dodson explains why time management might not be a good fit for someone in their current life situation. Understanding where your energy fits on the scale gives you a good idea what you need to do to climb up the scale.

What are the Levels of Energy?

While the book has a very detailed energy scale, I will only talk about the ones I found to be applicable in my current life situation.

The levels of energy can be easily seen as a voodoo science but I have found it to be quite useful to define my moods, objects, actions, and pretty much everything else in the world.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” — Nikola Tesla

(High Levels 475 +)

Love, Joy, Peace, Enlightenment

(Mid Levels 450–200)

450 Intelligence, Reason

400 Interest, Attention

320 Kindness, Optimism

275 Courage, Eagerness

200 Contentment, Routine, Functionality, Boredom

(Low Levels 190–30)

Pride, Criticism, Discontent, Blame, Anger, Aggression, Craving, Need, Fear, Self-pity, Depression

There are a lot more levels and characteristics than the ones I have listed, so if this peaks your interest I definitely recommend reaching the book.

Key Takeaways

None of the energy levels are inherently bad. For example, Anger is higher on the scale than Fear. Therefore, going into Anger will liberate you from the Fear that you might be feeling. However, Fear is higher than Apathy. So experiencing Fear will actually give you energy if you are feeling Apathy.

To get out of Contentment and Boredom, it would be beneficial to do something that requires Courage.

This is the basic concept of how to climb the energy scale (I am still learning and experimenting with it).

Defining Consciousness on this scale

If we think of Consciousness in terms of Light, then there is no such thing as darkness, only the absence of light. Travelling up this energy scale can be thought of as a light dimmer. At the very bottom of the scale, your dimmer is barely showing any light. As you climb the energy scale, you are increasing the light intensity and more of the room becomes visible (enlightened). You can become conscious to more of your surroundings.

Thinking in terms of energy levels has allowed me to pinpoint where I am on the scale and to take actions in order to improve my energy or mood. For example, if I am burnt out, that means I have fallen to about 190/180 (Discontent, Complaint, etc) and watching a movie or relaxing will bring me back to 225 (Boredom) and 275 (Relaxation) from where I can begin to more higher.

For me, I am most productive and creative at around 330–390, usually I am able to get into these higher energy levels by traveling and seeing new places. At these levels, work becomes effortless and enjoyable.

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