The Kybalion: Summaries with Action Steps for each Chapter

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The Kybalion Hermetic Philosophy: 7 Ancient Egypt Laws, Original 1908 Edition by The Three Initiates

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Chapter 1 Summary:

The Kybalion introduces the ancient Hermetic philosophy which aims to reconcile occult knowledge and act as a master key to understand other teachings. The seven Hermetic principles outlined in the book are seen as fundamental truths that underlie all phenomena. Mastering these principles can give one power over one’s environment and mental states.

Action: Study each of the seven Hermetic principles deeply and seek to understand how they apply in your own life and experiences. Look for analogies and real-world examples of the principles at work. With understanding will come the ability to apply the principles intentionally.

Chapter 2 Summary:

The seven Hermetic principles are explained as Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, and Gender. Mentalism states that the All is Mind and the universe is mental. Correspondence states that as above, so below. Vibration states that everything moves, vibrates and circulates. Polarity highlights that everything has two poles. Rhythm explains that everything rises and falls in cycles. Cause and Effect states that nothing escapes the law. Gender refers to the masculine and feminine principles manifest in all planes.

Action: Meditate on each principle to truly internalize and comprehend it. Then identify places in your life where you can consciously apply the principles, whether to regulate your moods, interact with others, or overcome challenges. Start with simple applications and build up your mastery over time.

Chapter 3 Summary:

Mental Transmutation is the ability to transform mental states and conditions. As Mentalism posits that the universe is mental, it follows that the universe can be ruled by mentality. Those who master Mental Transmutation gain a degree of power over their environment and phenomena. The key is to rise above the lower vibrations of the unconscious plane through will, attention and mental concentration.

Action: Select one negative mental state you’d like to transmute, such as…

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